Monday, 2 May 2016

Meaning of Cadbury is too easy

Cadbury company was established by John Cadbury in England in 1824.

The name of company was formulated based on surname of John Cadbury. Most of people don't know about John Cadbury owner of Cadbury company. 

It is too simple, is it? Yes Of course...

Dettol meaning is too tough

It was very hard to find the meaning of "Dettol" an antiseptic liquid. after deep thinking I came to conclusion as follow:

"Dettol" name has three fragment.

1: DE: Meaning of "de" is "to remove". I think it is tell about removing bacteria from body.

2: TT: It made by "Recktt Benckiser" it may be possible that "tt" comes from the last two letters of the name "Recktt"

3: OL: It comes from the last two letter of its main ingredient named "Chloroxylenol"

I don't know weather this meaning is right or wrong but my logic says that it is probably true.

Thats it... 

Vodafone made up of three words

Naming formula of Vodafone is Voice + Data + Phone.

VO from VOice

DA from DAta

FONE from Phone

Vodaphone is not looking great like Vodafone so company decided to keep FONE instead of PHONE.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

OMG!!! Meaning of "Red Bull" is so deep

Red bull is one of the highest selling energy drinks. It was original invented in Thailand. In 1976 a energy drink names Krating Daeng has been invented before Red bull and meaning of this drink is "Red Gaur" in English.

Red: Color of Drink

Gaur: It is one of the species of Bull found in India.

In 1987 when Red Bull was invented, company decided to keep name of soft drink "Red Bull" instead of "Red Gaur"

Red word indicates Color of drink and Bull word indicates one of the strongest animals around us.

That means after drinking "Red Bull" you will get energy like Bull.

Thinking is Deep. is it?

How "PEPSI" name originated?

Origin of name "Pepsi" is very simple and clever.

Company said Pepsi helps you to digest food you have eaten. Originally "Pepsin" An enzyme digests the food.

"Pepsi" word comes from enzyme called "Pepsin".

Thats it..!! Short and Sweet.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Meaning behind name "Microsoft"

Microsoft word made up of two words.

1: Micro

2: Soft

Micro means Microprocessor

Soft means Software

While introducing company has two main focuses:

What to Produce? that is Software

For whom to produce? that is Microprocessors

Simple "Microsoft" is Software for Microprocessors

How "Coca Cola" name come into existence?

The name "Coca Cola" made up of two words.

1: Coca

2: Cola

Why Coca? 

Its one of the main ingrideant is "Coca Leaves" So "Coca" comes form it.

Why Cola?

It also contains "Kola nuts". Instead of "K" company uses "C" because 2Cs are nice looking while advertising and also looks nice in form of logo.

Thats it. Simple and Sweet.

Google was actually "Googol"

"Google" word comes from "Googol". A Googol is the large number having 100 zeros after 1. look like following:

10, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000

It means that they are providing that much of result while you search. unfortunately when they were going for domain register, spelling was mistaken and become "Google".

"Google" word is registered in most of pioneer dictionary. when you search "meaning of google" on Google. most of result comes from dictionary and they said "it is the search engine" no one tells how Google word comes in existence. 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

INTEL (Computer Processor)

Actually "Intel" is a noun. Meaning of "Intel" is Information about Military or Political values.

This meaning is not true when we are talk about Intel company. Intel is short form of "Intelligence"

Just awesome Intel means Intelligence.

Yes, Intel has proven the meaning of it. Best PC Processor company in the world.

Thats it..!!

Limca (Cold-Drinks)

At first sight "Limca" is single word. but it is mixture of two words.

1. Lim

2. Ca

Limca is Lemon Lime soda manufactured by Coca-Cola for India.

"Lim" comes from Lime and "Ca" comes from Coca-Cola.

No one tells meaning of Limca on Internet. I have no evidence about the meaning but as per my thinking it should be like this.

I think I should contact Coca-Cola company for exact meaning. HEHEHE.... 

7 Up (Cold-Drinks)

7 Up is made of one numeric and one latter 

1. 7 

2. Up

Numerous meanings are available about 7 Up.

Meaning 1: pH of 7 Up is 7, so it is called 7 Up. but it is totally wrong. pH of 7 Up is under 4.0.

Meaning 2: Bottle of 7 Up is 7 ounce in volume. It is also not true.

Meaning 3: 7 Up has 7 ingredients and these ingredients come up as bubbles while opening it. this is sound good. 

Meaning 4: 7 is lucky number of Grigg, maker of 7 Up. it may be a myth.

Meaning 5: It has seven letters (Seven-Up). it is totally bull-shit. 

LENOVO (Electronics Brand)

Lenovo is the mixture of two words.

1: Le 
2. Novo

"Le" means Legend

"Novo" means New

Lenovo = New Legend (in electronics world)