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Sunday, 24 April 2016

7 Up (Cold-Drinks)

7 Up is made of one numeric and one latter 

1. 7 

2. Up

Numerous meanings are available about 7 Up.

Meaning 1: pH of 7 Up is 7, so it is called 7 Up. but it is totally wrong. pH of 7 Up is under 4.0.

Meaning 2: Bottle of 7 Up is 7 ounce in volume. It is also not true.

Meaning 3: 7 Up has 7 ingredients and these ingredients come up as bubbles while opening it. this is sound good. 

Meaning 4: 7 is lucky number of Grigg, maker of 7 Up. it may be a myth.

Meaning 5: It has seven letters (Seven-Up). it is totally bull-shit. 

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