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Saturday, 27 May 2017

ENO: Well-known product with logical meaning

ENO is OTC (Over the counter) product dealing with antacid category. ENO brand is owned by GSK company.

Most of people used ENO one or more time in the life span. It is widely known and trusted brand which is used for quick relief in acidity or stomach burn.

Many of people do not know the exact meaning of ENO. Lets know why it is called ENO.

ENO was first introduced and marketed by James Crossley Eno. He is the 19th century British pharmacist known for its different types of fruit salt preparation for quick relief from acidity. ENO is one of the fruit salts he had made.

So, Based on the last name of James Crossley Eno, product has been called ENO.

The name ENO is based on its founder James Crossley Eno.

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