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Thursday, 25 May 2017

FANTA: Sometimes Salesmen Contributes a little but longlasting

We all know Fanta is one of the highest selling carbonated soft drink in the world. Almost 85% percent of this blog readers had come across the taste of Fanta one or more time. Fanta is also my favorite drink after coca cola.

How many of you know the exact meaning of Fanta? Lets see how the Name Fanta come in existence?

Fanta brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company and Fanta is one of the 100 flavors of The Coca Cola Company owned brands.

Before come to the final name of this orange flavored brand, Executives went for the brief brainstorming session. All are said to use their own imagination.

In german terminology "Use their imagination" means Fantacia. Team had come to the word Fantacia and one of the enthusiastic salesmen quickly said Wow its a Fanta.

After that slang all members agreed to name Fanta. So sometimes lower employees put their own marks on the successful brand.

Dictionary says Fanta means a Wonderful Day.

Fanta = Fantacia (Use their Imagination)
Fanta = Fantastic

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