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Thursday, 25 May 2017

SONY- What a thinking behind the name!!!

When you hear about Sony, very first you visualize about the Television and Entertainment. Do you know the actual meaning of Sony? I think No, you should not.

Almost 15% of its user know logical meaning of Sony. Lets know the actual meaning of Sony.

Formaly company was known as Tokyo Tshushin Kogyo. So founders want to change name as TTK but TTK name has been already adopted by Railway Company. So they refused that name.

After that founders were come to the name Tokyo Teletech but later they have founded that Teletech prefix has been already taken by one of the American Telecommunication Company, so they put that idea aside.

Finally at the end of long logical thinking they founded two words. One was from Latin and Second was English.

1. Sonus: Latin terminology says " Root of Sound"

2. Sonny: English terminology says " Young and Enthusiastic Boys"

Founders of Sony thought the main element of entertainment products is sound and Sony had a team of young and enthusiastic men force.

So finally they had come to name sony.

Conclusion: Sony = Sonus (Root of Sound) + Sonny (Young and enthusiastic boys)

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